We rescue small appliances to keep them out of landfill.

We're a not-for-profit social enterprise and a registered charity. Our focus is on reuse and repair, but we'll recycle whatever can't be saved.

We are not accepting appliances for donation or repair at this time.

To find out what's next for Bright Sparks and where you can repair or recycle your appliances, please visit our FAQ page.


Pilot results

6,003 items were donated from August 2015 to March 2016.

15.7 tonnes = total weight of e-waste diverted from landfill
(14,812.4kg of recorded items + 876.0 kg of items we didn't record individually -- cables, batteries, light globes and printer cartridges)

4.7 = average number of items donated per person per visit to Bright Sparks HQ

Functional status of donations (self-reported by donor)
40.7% working
39.4% broken
19.9% unknown

Where your donations ended up
5,391 recycled (89.8%)
488 reused (sold or donated to other organisations/individuals) (9.8%)
24 stolen in a burglary (0.4%)

129 electrical items were brought in for repairs from August 2015 to January 2016.
89 items were successfully repaired (74.2%)
31 items could not be fixed (24.0%)
6 items were not actually broken (4.7%)
2 items were inspected but not repaired (owner did not want to pay amount quoted)
1 item was stolen in a burglary before it could be repaired


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Image courtesy of Amanda Crane

Image courtesy of Amanda Crane