Meet the sparks

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald
Founder and managing director

Erin has nearly 20 years of experience in the journalism industry, as a reporter, editor, sub-editor, photographer, and designer. A lifelong mender, she joined community repair organization Fix It! in 2012, rescuing all manner of clothing, zippers, umbrellas, and toys and guiding their owners through the process. In 2013 she organized Australia’s first Repair Café-style workshops – a series of free, social repair events in Melbourne. Erin is qualified to test and tag small appliances and is on the steering committee of the Community Recycling Network Australia. Her favourite appliance is her trusty sewing machine, which has been going strong since 2004.

Luke Kula, workshop manager

Luke is a qualified electrician and our very own Mr Fixit. Born and raised in Fiji, he learned his trade in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, a corps of the British Army. Luke is as cool as his name suggests and makes HQ a fun place to work. He loves a tea break and reckons kettles are the best.

Dan A’Vard, driver

Dan the man with a van is the face of Bright Sparks out on the road. He has a background in engineering, environmental consulting and photography, but his best trick is his ability to pack the van and make our collections as efficient as possible. His favourite appliance is a stick blender because it’s so versatile – you can blend soups and smoothies and chop veggies with it.

Paul Hersbach
Chair, Bright Sparks Australia Ltd
General manager optimisation, Australia Post

Paul has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, spanning manufacturing, supply chain, retail, logistics and management consulting. At Australia Post, Paul works on design and delivery of large-scale transformation programs. He loves his egg cooker, which hasn’t missed a beat in the past five years.

Yolanda Sztarr
Secretary / director, Bright Sparks Australia Ltd
Project lead, business productivity and innovation, Sustainability Victoria

Yolanda has followed her passion to influence change towards sustainability. In her current role at SV she engages with businesses to promote more efficient use of energy and materials. She holds degrees in chemical engineering and science and an MBA from Melbourne Business School and Rotterdam School of Management. Her favourite appliance is her vintage Kenwood Chef mixer, with which she has been baking cakes since the 1980s.

Tiffany Crawford-Lane
Director, Bright Sparks Australia Ltd
Legal counsel, City of Melbourne

Tiffany has over 15 years’ legal experience in business and government sectors, with additional experience in strategy, governance, negotiation and sustainability. She has been involved in the development of the green-roof industry in Melbourne and led the Growing Up green-roof project, as well as co-founding Canopy, the green-roof and green-walls forum. Her favourite appliance is her Flymo lawnmower.

Julia Hunter
Director, Bright Sparks Australia Ltd
Head of sustainability & community, Aussie Farmers Direct

Julia leads sustainability strategy and customer loyalty programs for Aussie Farmers Direct and has broad experience across sustainability, environmental management, marketing, stakeholder engagement and risk management. She is the executive officer of the Aussie Farmers Foundation, a member of the Mt Hotham Resort Management Board and secretary of the Melbourne chapter of the Corporate Environmental Managers Group. Her favourite appliances are her hair straightener and blow dryer – can’t start the day without fuzz-free hair!

Stacey Price
Director, Bright Sparks Australia Ltd
Founder, Healthy Business Finances

Stacey runs Healthy Business Finances, a financial coaching, accounting and bookkeeping business focusing on cloud technologies to streamline numbers – and help people enjoy the process and make it fun! A chartered accountant and registered BAS agent by trade, Stacey is a self-confessed numbers nerd who loves getting down and dirty with business owners to help them understand their financial obligations. She loves her Ninja, which she uses to make breakfast smoothies every morning for herself and her toddler.

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